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Sore Muscle Herbal Balm

Sore Muscle Herbal Balm

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Our Muscle Balm is deeply warming yet cooling, stimulating blood and lymph circulation, warms cold tissues and relieves sore muscles or joint stiffness.

The soothing combination of Kawakawa, Comfrey and Chilli Seed oils were specifically chosen for their pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. An ideal natural alternative for sore and tired muscles, achy joints, bruises, arthritis, sprains, and pre/post workout rub.

Directions: Use as you would tiger balm or deep heat. Apply a small amount to affected area, and gently massage until absorbed. Use 2 to 3 times daily. 

Caution: May cause intense skin warming or a tingling sensation. 

Key Ingredients: 

Kawakawa/NZ Pepper tree - an important medicine for Maori traditionally used for a variety of conditions for its anti-inflammatory properties including, toothache, bruises, rheumatism, minor cuts, infections, and dry-irritated skin conditions.

Comfrey Leaf – Traditionally known as “knit-bone” for its abilities to heal fractures and literally knit bones together. Comfrey is well known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving abilities caused by injury or degenerative trauma, relieving symptoms of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.  

Chilli Seed Oil - Capsaicin is the active ingredient found in cayenne pepper and works to relieve pain by numbing the sensory nerves. It stimulates blood flow, increases circulation, and promotes the healing of sore muscles and joints.

Available in 10g and 30g handy re-usable tins, and 50g glass jars.

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