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Sharing The Love


"I used my Brightening Clay mask for the first time on Friday night and WOW it was beautiful!! The texture, feeling on my skin and result was AMAZING! I Literally have never tried a facemark that does what it says it does xx thank you so much... I want all three now haha!!"

“I have been using the antibacterial spray for 2 weeks now and I have nothing bad to say about this product! I saw results after the first night of using this spray and they only got better the more I’ve used it. It’s honestly been a game changer for me and I’m really happy to be able to share it with my friends and family!”

"I just had a bath with the Muscle Soak salts and it's the first time this week that I have not felt agony in my legs! While I was in the bath anyway, 30mins without pain was amazing!! I am a big sceptic when it comes to pretty much anything as well, so I was super happy with how it made me feel. I don't know if I imagined this, but I felt weightless in the bath. I've also been using the Calm remedy oil recently which really helps keep my anxiety & stress levels at bay. The smell is super soothing, I absolutely love Patchouli Essential oil!"  

"I love the body scrubs more than anything I have tried in the past. Nighty Night is magic in a jar to help settle me before I go to bed, leaving me feeling like I have been to the spa. Lift Me Up is divine in the mornings, waking me up and helps with blood circulation when I rub the scrub in target areas - it also smells like Christmas to me which is a complete bonus! My skin feels soft and my hubby loves how my skin feels after I've had a much needed body scrub, so I can totally vouch that it is for all genders. I will always buy more when I run low!" 

"I bought myself a scrub and the amazing Lara gave me the Muscle Soak. I’ve tried the scrub tonight and wow! My skin is soft, it smells amazing and my legs were rather achy from yesterday’s workout, due to my health I don’t recover like I used too, and definitely feel more relaxed now. I got the Ease Me Please Scrub which contains peppermint, rosemary and arnica combined with Epsom salts. I had a bath with the Muscle Soak salts and stayed in the bath the longest ever close to an hour, lol fell asleep!! Felt so relaxed and even Pete (my partner) said he loved it too!!" 

“Being a working Mama, the only time I usually spend near the bath is when I’m getting the kids washed, but I decided it was time to treat myself and purchased the Muscle Soak Bath Salts. They smell amazing! And I am now making them my end of week wind down ritual to help ease my aches from a full on week and actually relax (once the kids are in bed). I had forgotten how good it is to have a soak! Thanks Moonwake Organics for helping me make some time for myself.” 

"I was lucky enough to win Moonwake Organics Easter Giveaway and I was so excited to try the nighty night scrub and rose bath salts! The bath salts were incredible and left me feeling so relaxed, the rose petals and the smell were amazing! I couldn't wait to use the scrub, so I used it when I was in the bath. It left my skin smooth and hydrated and feeling great. Thanks Lara!" 

"I have been using moonwake organics over the last couple of weeks and my skin couldn’t be better. The bath salts are amazing and they are my go to weekend relax ritual now. You can feel the relaxation and they smell delicious. The body scrub is superb and makes your skin soft for days. I can’t wait to try the other ones!"

“I absolutely love Moonwake Organics products and the service I get from Lara. I've been loving the different scrubs I have tried and how smooth they leave my skin feeling afterwards. I've recently got back into the gym after having my second son and the Muscle Soak bath salts are such a nice way to soothe away any tenderness, and unwind after a busy day. I've got both my mum and mother in law onto the products now and they also love them.” 

"I love the Rose Gold Luxe bath salts! The smell is amazing and my aches and pains feel really relieved. It's great to have the products in a glass jar over plastic, and looks fab in the bathroom too. I also just recently bought the Happy Remedy Oil which is a great pick-me-up. Beautiful orange/lemongrass scent with spearmint and bergamot undertones. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other products."