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Body Scrub & Bath Salt Refills

Want to refill your jar? Well guess what, you can! Send back any of your empty Moonwake Organics Body Scrub or Bath Salt jars and get the same product with a 20% discount. 


You pay for postage on your end and send the jar back to us. 
(sending an empty jar will be a lower cost than our normal Shipping rates)

We refill your jar with the same product & cover the postage cost back to you.


Please make sure you wrap your jar in newspaper or something similar to avoid it breaking.

Please choose a padded postage bag or pad out the bag yourself with shredded paper.

We do not take any responsibility if the jar breaks on the way to us. If it does, we will offer you a new jar of Body Scrub or Bath Salt at it's normal retail price and still cover the postage cost back to you.
    Payment can be made via Direct Deposit. Please email for details moonwakeorganics@gmail.com
    Thank you for being Eco-Friendly!