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My Story

Hi, I’m Marcia, the owner of Moonwake Organics.

My passion for all things health and natural wellness was born out of the fact that I wanted (needed!) to strengthen that connection for myself and my family. This same passion inspired me to take over the reigns from Lara, and continue Moonwake Organics' legacy.

I was stuck in a job that wasn’t great for my mind, body and soul and when my son was born in 2012, I was inspired to put my passion into action. I began researching and making eco products we could use in our home so my baby wouldn’t be exposed to harsh chemicals. I began experimenting with making soaps and essential oil blends until I perfected them. After years of learning (I am currently studying towards a Bachelors in Natural Medicine), I finally felt ready to introduce my tried and tested products to a larger audience.

As the new owner of Moonwake Organics, I'm proud to continue to make the wonderful products that make this brand special — and introduce some new exciting ones too!

I hope they bring as much joy to your daily routine as they have for me.
From my home to yours,